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Fantasy Novels by Lar-Ryk Associates

Whether you're looking for adventures in myth and magic or a space fantasy, "The Dragon Series" and "The Guardian Series" are excellent series for any fiction adventurer. Follow Jarl and his family in their quest against the Shadowlord across all the worlds of the universe in "The Dragon Series". Experience magic and meet gods and dragons across the worlds, or follow along with Trav, a Guardian, in "The Guardian Series" where you'll meet the iritrees and other fantastic beings.

Get started on a magical adventure by immersing yourself in the world of "The Dragon Series" or "The Guardian Series."

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Guardian's Gambit and Dragon's Game Book Covers

Experience myth, magic, and new worlds with the Dragon and Guardian Series on Realm & Earth.

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Dragon's Queen and Guardian's Choice Book Covers

Escape from mundane reality and enjoy a fantastic journey into the mythical worlds created by Carol Dennis.

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Dragon's Rook and Dragon's Bishop Book Covers

Experience a Magical Adventure with Dragons while learning about AIA Problem Seeking systems.

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Dragon's Checkmate

About Us

Since 2000 Lar-Ryk Associates has been the company representing authors Carol L. Dennis, Rick Dennis, & Andrew Taylor.

Carol L. Dennis has published two series of fantasy novels, including "The Dragon Series", which is a fantasy series that has about 10 books and combines action and humor. The first book, "Dragon's Pawn" sold out twice, with 300,000 copies sold so far. "The Guardian Series" is set in a rural space environment that ties in with magic. You're sure to enjoy the fantasy series, and there's much more to come as we have several stories that have yet to be published.

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