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About the Author

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About Carol Dennis

Carol's writing career began unexpectedly when she was teaching writing skills in high school across from NASA. She wanted her students to write and then submit their work to a publisher as an assignment. The students encouraged her to do the same thing, and so she did. She got a call back from the publisher who wanted to publish her books. Initially, she believed it was one of the kids' fathers calling as a prank, but it quickly became apparent this was no joke. What started as a dare became a business and Lar-Ryk Associates was formed to manage her work as an author. In addition to her high school teaching, she also taught English and writing at several colleges and worked in a program where her high school students could be exempt from taking college or University English courses.

An Excellent Writer

Carol is a great editor because, along with her ability to tell stories, she also has expertise in language. She's given a lot of writing seminars to people from across the country at the University of Houston. Contact us today to learn more about Carol, her stories, and the worlds from The Dragon and Guardian Series.

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