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Dragon Series

"Dragon's Pawn" & The Dragon Series

"Dragon's Pawn" is the first of the Dragon Series of novels by Carol Dennis, that features six novels as of now, with more coming. Join Jarl as he befriends dragons, raises a family, and battles the evil Shadowlord in the "The Dragon Series" from Lar-Ryk Associates and written by Carol Dennis.

"Dragon's Checkmate"

"Dragon's Checkmate" is a fantasy novel in which the principle is utilizing problem seeking.  The system was taught at the Houston Business Round Table and they appealed for examples and the people at the seminar ask for applications so the story picks up the characters from the Dragon Series to illustrate the system. Using this system can save thousands of dollars, find yours today on Amazon

Dragons Checkmate

"Dragon's Pawn"

"Dragon's Pawn" is the first of "The Dragon Series" and comes in at 232 pages long. It was originally published in English in 1987 with a second edition in 1999. In the book, Jarl is given a riddle by a kindly, grandmotherly sort of witch. Friendly or not, however, she tells him firmly that he must solve the riddle if he is to become a hero who can fight off evil and find his way home to Earth. She didn't warn him that this very riddle would also lead him into the most bizarre adventure imaginable — and that he would soon find himself contending with ogres, bandits, talking trees, and the dark minions of the Shadowlord himself... See where the story takes Jarl by picking up your copy on Amazon.

"Dragon's Pawn" is currently out of print. You may be able to purchase the 2nd edition from Amazon or find a gently used copy wherever used books are sold. You can also read it as included in "Dragon's Game".

Dragon's Pawn Book Cover

Dragon's Knight Book Cover

"Dragon's Knight"

"Dragon's Knight" is the second book of "The Dragon Series" by Carol Dennis, originally published in 1989 and 198 pages long. In this book we follow along with humans and dragons, all heroes and friendly who are magical and mighty — along with their kids. This book follows Jarl and his new family in a land of gods that needs them all! Jarl Koenig thinks that his children and his witch-wife, Mirza, are safely vacationing in the Wonderwold Realm until Faf, a baby dragon, pops through the dimensions to visit him in California with some grim news.

The vile Shadowlord is holding Mirza prisoner on Achaea, the planet of Greek myths. Unless she helps the wizard suck the life force from the mystic Bright One who dwells in Achaea's sun, the Shadowlord will kill Jarl and Mirza's children. Unbeknownst to the Shadowlord, however, the kids have their own powers and friends, including dragons Fafnoodle, Ebony, and the rambunctious little Faf, as well as the young of the cosmic Dragonlord, Wyrd.

Soon, their father will join them, braving the perils of unknown Achaea to search for his wife. All the while that Shadowlord's evil grows and grows until dragons, young heroes, and gods must battle a mad scheme to murder a world, a star, and perhaps all of creation! Join the battle and get your copy of "Dragon's Knight" on Amazon.

"Dragon's Queen"

Originally published in 1991, "Dragon's Queen" is 247 pages of fantasy and magic on a lost world, where a young girl and her dragon are trapped and must grow up — fast! Jarl and Mirza's teen witch daughter Lealor is almost grown and eager to leave home. Unfortunately, the godlike infant Bright One's attempt to help her leaves her and her dragon Fafleen stranded on Widdershins, a missing world ruled by corrupt priests and superstition. Here, magical werebeasts must hide from humans and dragons are forbidden! Lealor, Fafleen, and the enchanted bracelet Myst soon find themselves trying to solve the mystery of Widdershins isolation, unite the realm's people and dragons, and find their own way home. Succeed they must, for the Shadowlord lurks in this land's frozen wastes. For the first time in her young life, Lealor will have to confront the immortal enemy of her people... alone! Get your copy of "Dragon's Queen" today!

Dragon's Queen Book Cover

Dragon's Game Book Cover

"Dragon's Game"

"Dragon's Game" brings the entire first trilogy of "The Dragon Series" together in a single 592-page volume and transports you to Realm, a fantastic universe full of myth and magic. The volume begins with "Dragon's Pawn", the first book of the trilogy where Jarl Koenig, an earthman who doesn't believe in magic meets a leprechaun and is transported by means of a dragon bracelet to Realm where they need a hero to battle the monsters created by the imaginations of earthlings. Fafnoodle, a pacifist, vegetarian dragon, joins him on his adventures. Jarl learns not only to believe in magic, but to become a magic worker himself before battling the Shadowlord for the survival of Realm.

"Dragon's Game" continues in "Dragon's Knight", where Jarl's children and wife are put at risk in another confrontation with the Shadowlord on the planet Achaea where the Greek gods now reside. In a battle to keep the Shadowlord from causing the sun of Achaea to become a nova, it takes the Greek gods and Jarl's entire family to face the Shadowlord.

The original trilogy comes to a conclusion in "Dragon's Queen" the story of Lealor, who is one of Jarl's children and her dragon companion, Fafleen, who is the child of Fafnoodle. On Widdershins, evil priests keep the population subjugated by killing other magic users. Lealor is a shapeshifting witch and healer so, of course, she's captured by the evil priests. Will Rand, the King of the shapeshifters, reach her before she is sacrificed by the priests?

If you're a fantasy fan, these books are here for you. The only real magic on earth today lies in reading a good book, and "Dragon's Game" is magic! Pick up your copy on Amazon.

"Dragon's Rook" with Rick Dennis

At 293 pages, "Dragon's Rook" picks up the story once again. Published in 2006, we pick up our story in Realm as Jarl and Mirza Koenig decide to take a vacation far from their responsibilities as guardians of Realm and the other known worlds. Before they go, they leave a proclamation that leaves Seren, their oldest son, in charge until their return from their secret hideaway. No sooner have they left than a fairy lord returns from prospecting gems in space, wounded by some creature that has left huge bites in his body. After he dies, Arthurian, the Sidhe King, demands something be done. This situation requires Seren leave his commission in the United States Army and return to Realm. He and his younger brother, Argen, join with dragons and other magical creatures to become the defenders of all the known worlds. Who are they fighting, and how do you fight a war in space? Continue the adventure today by picking up your copy on Amazon.

Dragon's Rook Book Cover

Dragon's Bishop Book Cover

"Dragon's Bishop" with Rick Dennis

Published in 2007, "Dragon's Bishop" comes in at 286 pages and continues the stories of Realm. From the moment that Rory the leprechaun decides to get even with Mage Argen Koenig for awakening him unexpectedly, the issue of who will assume the title of the Dragon's Bishop becomes a mystery. Argen, mislabeled bishop by the vengeful Rory, dislikes the title and wants no part of it. He gets no credit, little respect from those he aids, and he's harassed over a lack of parenting skills, so he withdraws from what he refers to as "the game".

Kerrigwen, a Sidhe maiden, will grow up to be an expert healer. As young as she may be, she has already chosen to cure the sick. The green dragon Firefly, whose only claim to fame is a flashing tail on her tail, becomes Kerrigwen's companion. What adventures will mature their friendship?

Killeen uses her vast Sidhe powers almost casually as she plans to become a warrior. Battle is her greatest pleasure. Sparrow, her special dragon, becomes the first dragon gatekeeper after he loses his wing in a skirmish. Can a battle maiden matched with a flightless dragon function as the Dragon's Bishop?

Sterlina is Argen's own daughter and exhibits many powers for one so young, but she's afraid of dragon riding and has no desire to fly on a dragon's back. How could she be in the running for the title? Is it even possible for someone who refuses to select a dragon companion to be Dragon's Bishop? Unlikely as it seems, one of these must step forward to become the Dragon's Bishop and champion those who have no one to speak for them. Step into Realm by picking up your copy today!

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