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Guardian Series

"Guardian's Gambit" & "The Guardian Series

Follow along in the adventures of the Guardian with "Guardian's Gambit" and "Guardian's Choice", the first two books of "The Guardian Series" by author Carol Dennis of Trinity, Texas. Pick up your copy on Amazon today and join the adventure!

Guardian's Gambit Book Cover

"Guardian's Gambit"

"Guardian's Gambit" is a 306 page fantasy novel published in 2000 where you'll follow along with the adventures of Trav. The iritrees of the planet form poison pods, but at least Trav felt better and wouldn't be alone in this. An idea entered Trav's mind and he blurted it out before he thought: "What will you do if the men start cutting live trees before I can stop them?" Myriad brightly-colored images formed one after the other on the ground, and Trav didn't have to ask what had happened. He remembered Aunt Meddle's story of how the trees poisoned the settler who insisted on cutting live trees.

This time the iritrees had no plan to show mercy. They would kill every person on the planet if anyone logged live trees. Trav tried asking for patience, mercy, a promise to give him time to stop the loggers. The voice of the whisper faded to nothing until only one idea remained in Trav's mind.


Join the adventure today! Pick up your copy of "Guardian's Gambit" on Amazon.

"Guardian's Choice" with Rick Dennis & Andrew Taylor

"Guardian's Choice" is 301 pages of adventure published in 2008. Trav knew his experiences on the planet Wald had changed him. Still, he planned a long and glorious career as a guardian. No more aliens, he promised himself. He completely overlooked the fact that the cougcat in his lap was an alien. Thank heaven he was out of the woods -- no iritrees. "My name is Seedling," flashed into Trav s mind. His yelp of surprise woke Sam. The purple furball in his lap now had its eyes wide open. Trav glanced around the cabin, searching. He located the potted three-foot high iritree sapling wedged in a corner along with Samantha's duffle bags. The little sapling wasn't very imposing compared to the massive trees shrouded in mist back on Wald. "Is this collection of stowaways all Sairy's doing?" Trav stammered.

Guardian's Choice Book Cover

"I really don't know, but your security is nonexistent," replied Sam. "By the way, that's Aunt Meddle to you, buster." Only her relatives call her Sairy.

"I thought the night we spent together on Wald meant you and I are engaged," Trav said with a grin. "That's what you claimed at the time."

"Being in different bedrooms in the same house hardly counts as together. Anyway, that doesn't matter here in space without the Waldcodes. I won't be restricted by planet rules..."

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